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Who is the Small or Mini Trampoline Most Suitable For? 

With a mini trampoline, you can give your young child early access to trampolining without compromising on safety.

Mini trampolines offer a spring set up and bounce specifically catered to the weight of the youngest children, usually optimised for children under 5, which will keep bounding toddlers happy for hours.

Alongside the fun for the kids is the assurance of safety for the parents. Mini trampolines will be much lower off the ground than a normal trampoline, with some models even allowing for height adjustment.

Though some models opt for springs, many will instead opt for bungee cords which may provide parents with more peace of mind, and make assembly and storage easier.

Moving closer to the full trampoline experience, these smaller models are great for kids with a taste for the miniature trampoline looking for more spring in their bounces.

Whilst mini trampolines are generally designed for indoor use, with their compact form and low height, small trampolines are built for outdoor use over grass.

Best Mini Trampolines For Sale

Miniature and small trampolines are designed to best serve the youngest children looking to take some first small bounces into the world of trampolining.

Though larger sized trampoline’s cover larger age ranges, miniature and small trampolines are the best option for children 6 and under, as their design has the weight and safety of tots and small children in mind.

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