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What Are the Main Benefits of a 13 foot Trampoline?

For those lucky enough to have access to larger outdoor space or a garden on their property, a 13ft trampoline is a great way for children and adults to play together, have fun and get some good exercise too.
Here are some of the main benefits of a 13 foot trampoline.

Staying Active
Although trampolines are available in a variety of sizes, one of the benefits of a bigger trampoline, such as a 13ft trampoline, is that it offers plenty of space for children to stay active.
As well as getting children off the sofa and into the fresh air, 13 footer trampolines are also great for letting children explore their sense of adventure and giving them the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they bounce, chase and play. Flying superheroes catching villains? Rocket ship blast off? Floor is lava? The list is endless!
Not only is a bigger trampoline an easy way to keep children active at home, it also means you can do so without leaving the convenience of your own back garden, allowing parents to supervise children's games at all times.
Family Bonding
Bigger trampolines mean even more room for all the family to join in and play too. Although it is recommended that children should be aged 6 plus for trampolines that are 10ft and above, there is no upper age limit, so now there is no excuse not to join in and enjoy some quality playtime with your children too.
As trampolining requires no prior experience, a bigger trampoline gives even more space to build confidence, from gentle bouncing to higher jumps and more complex games. Best of all, once inside the trampoline, it is a great way to bond and chat with your children as you play. These special playtimes are the moments children really remember, so it is important to take the time to immerse yourself in their make-believe world and join in on activities together.
Social Fun
One of the other benefits of a larger trampoline is that children can invite their friends over to play and bounce too. This then provides a great way for them to meet up with friends without the hassle of going to a playground or soft play centre, many of which are now no longer in use.
Bigger trampolines mean multiple children can play at once and spend time together, all while parents can be close by watching. Bigger trampolines such as 13 ft trampolines are very durable, making them stable enough for a group of children to use at one time, and play doesn't need to stop if the weather changes - simply add coat, hat and gloves!

13 Foot Trampolines for Sale

With so many benefits, a 13 foot trampoline is ideal for those with a larger garden who are looking to enjoy some active family fun time together.

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